Do you want to quit smoking? Ask your pharmacist how to do it!

Do you want to quit smoking? Ask your pharmacist how to do it!

23rd November 2019 Off By Snus

On May 31, we celebrate the World No Tobacco Day established by the World Health Organization (WHO). This is a time when we should all talk about the harmful effects of this addiction. Smoking cigarettes accelerates the development of atherosclerosis and increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. However, this is not all. Smoking also accelerates the growth of tumors and negatively affects children’s development. Although the number of cigarettes we use less and less every year, the problem of tobacco addiction is still visible – it is estimated that in Poland around 9 million people smoke and about half of teenagers aged 13-15 have their first attempts to smoke. How should you effectively combat this addiction? Where to start?

It all starts with a headache. Our attitude and belief that smoking simply harms our health is important. That is why it is worth reminding that cigarettes are among the most addictive stimulants available to us. Through involvement in campaigns promoting a healthy lifestyle and legal regulations, such as the one on smoking bans in public places, one should strive to reduce the number of people suffering from diseases caused by this dangerous addiction (e.g. lung cancer, heart attacks, etc.).

Do you want to fight addiction? Start with yourself!

If you really want to end it, don’t look for excuses and start with yourself – you can do it here and now! When you reach out for another cigarette, think about your loved ones too. Do you know you poison them too? Yes you poison! Passive smoking, because that is what we call being in contact with tobacco smoke, is just as harmful as active smoking. It negatively affects the development of children of all ages, even those unborn who are just awaiting birth. But what to do in a situation where, despite strenuous attempts to quit smoking, you still can’t resist the temptation to smoke another cigarette? The answer is simple: ask your pharmacist for help.

First of all a pharmacist!

Perhaps few patients are aware that pharmacists have many drugs at their disposal to get rid of addiction. At the same time, they are able to assess whether a given preparation will be safe for us, or if there are contraindications to its use, after all, whether there is a risk of interaction between drugs already used by the patient. During your visit to the pharmacy, ask your pharmacist to write out a smoking cessation plan. The number of cigarettes smoked and the dose should be adjusted so that no overdose occurs. Do you smoke longer? Do you observe health problems such as chronic dry cough, dryness or eye irritation? Report it to your pharmacist. He knows how to help you. Remember that he may also recommend a medical consultation, which may result in prescribing stronger drugs – Siberia snus UK

The organisms of smokers or people giving up smoking may be susceptible to changes in the concentration of some substances in the body, which in turn may lead to their stronger or weaker activity. In this case, side effects may occur. That is why it is worth talking to the pharmacist about how we can minimize the adverse effects of smoking, including through a healthy diet and properly selected physical activity. Health prevention has no secrets for him.

As you can see, it is worth seeking help from a pharmacist and using his knowledge. In many cases, it is the pharmacy that is the place where you can get professional health advice quickly – without queuing and without having to make an appointment first!