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What is a real corset and how to lace it? Can you get used to walking in a corset? How to do it?

In the first words, very briefly technically about real corsets:

Real Corsets are usually made of hard materials (such as satin, glitter or cotton), they smoothly cover and model the torso simultaneously from hips to breasts. The elastic Busk (fastening) on ​​the front of the corset and the construction based on metal underwires prevent the fabric from wrinkling. The solid fastening at the front allows you to quickly put on and chase the corset. Corsets are laced on the back in the same way as shoes are laced. Lacing allows you to reduce the perimeter of the body and individually adjust the intensity of the clamp. It is best to lace the corset in the middle of the binding. This allows you to individually adjust the corset’s top and bottom.

Who can wear a corset?

Every woman!

Caricatures very often depict a corpulent woman pressed into a tiny corset? Of course, the corset can also be used to control fat mass in chubby women. The main task of a real corset has always been and is to create a shapely waist. Not only in slim and reasonably slim ladies. Professional selection of cut and cut will allow to achieve the desired effect in good taste also in size plus size women. Few companies offer really large sizes. In our store you can order very large sizes in almost all styles. You will also receive professional advice in choosing a cut. Wearing a corset regularly will give you an aesthetic body shape and you will avoid suffering from back problems.

Will I get used to wearing a corset?

You will achieve the desired effects if you learn the appropriate methods that will effectively allow you to get used to wearing a corset. Wearing a corset does not have to be associated with discomfort or sacrifice. Nothing could be more wrong. All you need to do is prepare yourself properly and learn the relevant knowledge. In Poland, very little is written about corset formation and waist training. On our website waist trainers you will find all the necessary information. We also have a Facebook page where interesting articles from around the world are regularly posted as well as lots of photos.

How tight should I tie my first corset?

Not too tight! At first glance, this statement may seem pointless, but it contains a fundamental aspect about this question.

A well-fitted corset is supposed to look natural. Under no circumstances should it look like a person wearing a corset looks like they are forced to do so and feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable. We achieve the right natural effect only when a woman really feels good in her outfit. You will never look natural in a corset that is too small or too tightly laced. Waist modeling is a process.

Maybe you thought now “I will never have a small waist, no – I, I can not bear this pressure too long!” This statement, indeed, could be true were it not for the phenomenon that it is very easy to get used to it.

The principle of gradation of pressure is very important in arranging real corsets.

If you are determined to wear a corset for a long time, to actually shape your figure in the shape of an hourglass, read some surprising tips. I assure you that the probability of success will increase significantly, if at the beginning of your adventure with a corset you won’t go crazy and excessively torture your body.

Your first corset – just 2 inches smaller than the natural circumference of your waist. If you tighten the lacing to the maximum so that the additional panel will be completely hidden, you will probably feel some discomfort, but I am sure that you will be able to withstand it freely.

Two Inches (about 5 cm) – that’s enough to tighten the deck at the beginning.

It is more practical to order a corset 4 inches smaller than the circumference of your natural waist. We also recommend buying corsets in our store. All corsets offered here have an additional panel of material under the binding, which not only covers and protects the skin of the back, but above all gives the possibility of free regulation of the binding.

If you decide on a corset 4 inches smaller than the natural circumference of your waist, do not tighten the corset to the maximum at first. In the first days, tighten the corset a maximum of 2 inches (approx. 5 cm). By the way, I will mention that such lacing of the corset on the back – 5-8 cm wide looks extremely nice.

Remember! Your new corset only takes perfect shape when you wear it regularly. You will soon find out about it after a few strong laces. Tying a corset then becomes child’s play, even pleasant. Warning! Can get addicted.

At the beginning, each new corset is quite stiff and resistant to fastening hooks.

When you put on your first new corset, remember the old adage –

“Nobody was born a champion.” Do not expect pleasure the first time you put it on.

A few weeks or even just a few days later you will notice that the corset is no longer tight. In fact, you will no longer feel any pressure or discomfort.

This means it’s time to tighten your corset tighter, so that your waistline is about 4 inches less than your natural waist without a corset, so it’s time to try to tighten the corset completely. When you tighten your corset harder, you will probably feel a little uncomfortable again, maybe even more than when you first put on the corset. However, after some time you will get used to this oppression.

Basically, you can go on to the next stages of reduction in this way, but collecting information from the most experienced women from around the world who have been wearing a corset regularly for many years, I learned that at the beginning of the corset adventure the waist should not be compressed more than 20-25% its natural perimeter. This is the only way to maintain an acceptable level of comfort. Example: let’s say your natural waist circumference is 65 cm, by applying the gradual habituation of the body to pressure described above (reasonable lacing) you will be able to squeeze by 13-16 cm which gives an amazing waist circumference of 49-52cm.

The period of getting used to wearing a corset usually lasts several weeks or months, it depends on the user’s physique and reason, especially in the initial squeezing of the stomach and waist, but I assure you that after a while all women can get used to wearing a corset / reducing either modeling / – prowaist

This is not talk, it is advice and statements collected from women who have experienced it the hard way wearing corsets for many years. This is also confirmed by my friend, whose natural waist is 58 cm, and putting on the corset reduces it to 44 cm and she feels great in it. Hmm, please pay attention to these proportions – 58 cm to 44 cm (about 75% of its natural circumference). So this general rule is confirmed, which was based on many years of experience of many ladies.