When to replace a lock or cylinder in a door? A locksmith will help you.

When to replace a lock or cylinder in a door? A locksmith will help you.

29th January 2021 Off By locksmith

Why and in what situations do we replace locks or door cylinders? There may be many reasons why we, as Locksmiths, regularly encounter in our daily locksmith work are described in this article.

Wear, breaking down

Locks and cylinders wear out and deteriorate due to the intensive use to which they are subjected every day. Some wear out faster, others slower, but you need to replace the cylinder sooner or later because it only does not work as it should. Is it breaking the key and remaining parts inside, clogging the cylinder with an object that can not be removed, notorious jamming of the mechanism? These are just some examples that require replacement. As a rule, it is enough to remove the failing cylinder and install a new one? Usually, there is no need to replace the entire lock.

Unfortunately, thefts and burglaries still happen in Poland, although fortunately, they are not as frequent as at least in the early 90s of the twentieth century. If you have experienced this unpleasant situation, you are undoubtedly aware that one of the necessary actions to be taken after a burglary is to replace the lock with a new one, so that thieves do not revisit you. To have a greater sense of security, invest in an anti-burglary product and this kind of door.

Lost keys

If you’ve recently lost your keys, you don’t know where they are or whose hands they may have fallen into. What if they were found by a local thief who knows where you live and saw your keys fall out of your pocket? Then all you have to do is leave the house and he, using your keys, will come into your flat as if nothing had happened and take what he wants without raising the slightest suspicion. You probably want to avoid this scenario, so always take losing your keys seriously and replace the cylinder afterwards.

Wanting to improve security

Are you afraid of burglary or theft? Do you live in a housing estate that is not very secure and has a low reputation? Or do you want to feel better protected in your home? Then invest in a model with a higher security rating than the one currently on your door. The best choice is a C class burglar-proof lock with reliable and objective certificates issued by independent research institutes, which confirm the product’s quality. However, remember that the highest level of security is provided not by an anti-burglary model, but by its combination with an anti-burglary door.


We do not suspect anyone of bad intentions but thinks: when you move into a second-hand flat bought from the secondary market, you use the security features to which the previous owners had keys. Even though they gave you a set, you don’t know if they didn’t leave one behind. So that you don’t have to worry about previous tenants misusing the keys to your new flat, replace the lock. For your safety and peace of mind that no one will disturb your home.

Whatever your reason for replacing a lock or cylinder, you need to have a set of the right tools and the knowledge to do so, getting rid of the old mechanism and fitting a new one. If you have a problem with this, contact our Emergency Locksmith Service. We will provide you with expert support in replacing and choosing a security device that suits your requirements, needs, and capabilities.