Why this pain after training?

Why this pain after training?

5th December 2019 Off By Health

Do you know this feeling when, after a hard workout, you feel some body parts “two days after”? Commonly called sourdough occurs in all who conscientiously adhere to their exercises. But don’t think lactic acid is to blame. Thanks to this article, you’ll know what your microtrauma really is.

Let’s start with real sourdough. They arise as a result of anaerobic muscle work during intense training. The level of lactic acid transported to the liver increases. There, it turns into glucose, a need for energy. Thanks to this, you can work faster and more efficiently. Your body is adapted to extreme conditions! – waist trainer

Real acidification can last up to 2 hours after training. This biochemical process is needed to maintain the right pH in the body.
So, soreness is very helpful during your exercises, right?

Now I will explain why you feel pain the next day. It is very easy. During exercise, mechanical, small damage to the muscle fibers occurs. Micro-injuries resulting from heavy loads, e.g. a new exercise in training, increased intensity or weight.
If you’re wondering where the little discomfort in your body came from, you’ll find the answer in the abbreviation DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). In Polish, it means delayed muscle pain.

However, these microtraumas signal upcoming progress in building muscle tissue! After the occurrence of damage, an inflammatory reaction occurs and the process of fiber restoration begins. As a result, your body rebuilds even stronger muscles. It adapts to increased effort. There is more muscle tissue and your metabolism increases with it!
You will not always feel pain. Regular exercise will make your muscles adapt to your effort and you’ll need something new.

Can I practice with micro injuries?

Yes, you can wait for the muscles to regenerate comprehensively, but you will feel pain. The best solution will be lighter training on the second day, which will not be focused on the micro-injured part, waist trainer UK

How to reduce pain?

Remember to ensure a good warm-up before training. Adapt your muscles to work. After training, spend some time stretching the contracted fibers.
To reduce discomfort, warm baths, gentle stretching and superficial massage will help. And don’t worry! Along with regular training, your muscles get used to the effort.

If you feel your MICROURASOS after training, you can smile. This means that you have done your best and the reward will be increased strength and endurance.